About us

A group for Medical Doctors, specialists Doctors, Dentist, Veterinary Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Dental hygienist,
X-ray/Ultrasound/Lab Technician and Students aiming for higher education in the Medical field from the Mandaean Religion of IRAQ and IRAN.

1. Promote communications between Members.

2. Promote information exchange between Members.

3. Helping the students and junior graduates of in the different medical profession with their careers.

4. Encourage the young Mandaeans to take these professions and high qualifications to a new level.

5. Tell the history of senior and established doctors, medical professionals and other highly recognized figures in these professions.

6. As a group of professionals can help and support the Mandaean projects.

7. To establish the ground for a future Mandaean association for medical professionals.

8. Strengthen the medical and social relations between the Mandaean professionals and between their families.

9. Establish speciality committees and help in medical projects and scientific publications and progress.