Hotel/Conference location 2016

The conference will be held on 29-31 July 2016 in


It’s a 4 star hotel, which is located only one minute walk from the Hague beach (Scheveningen).
We will have there our meetings, our stay, breakfasts and lunches.

The Hotel have all the comfort facilities, including a bar and fast speed WiFi access.

For the Mandaean Medical Professionals Conference we have arranged a huge discount to book at this hotel.
A few things that you should now about the booking:

  1. There are different types of rooms, from each type there is only a certain amount available, so be fast with your booking.
  2. All the rooms are booked with breakfast.
  3. All the conference attendees will have lunch included by registering to the meeting, if you are a guest you have the option to book an extra lunch only for the conference days. So if you are an attendee DON’T book lunch on the hotel website, if you’re a guest you can decide to book an extra lunch.
  4. On the booking website you can also book a parking ticket for your stay in the hotel during the conference
    Parking costs are: €19.50/day.
  5. If you need a higher room type, please contact the hotel by email and note that you’re an attendee of MMPC.

To book your hotel room please follow this link:


If you need a family room for 2 adults + 2 children (under 12 y) or 4 adults, please follow these steps:

– Select the dates and the number of adults
– Choose any room available from the comfort or the deluxe
– Add additional lunches if you want (only for not conference attendees, the members will have lunch included in the business package)
– In the last step you can add comments, add the following comment: We would like to book a family room with 1 or 2 children, their ages are: ….
The extra charges will be:
– €35 per night for the room
– If the children are above 12 y, they will add €15 breakfast per child. If they are younger, there will be no extra charge for the breakfast.


More information about the conference location/hotel:

Bilderberg Europe Hotel